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The Philadelphia Divorce Lawyer firm is a leading divorce and family law office in Pennsylvania. We have been serving clients in and around Philadelphia for over two decades. From negotiated agreements to complex litigation, our attorneys have the expertise to handle any kind of divorce case and get the best results for you. We are committed to offering premium legal services to all couples and families in Pennsylvania.

Our divorce lawyers realize that every case is a different legal matter and offer tailored solutions to meet your individual requirements. We work to understand your needs and offer the most practical approach to finding a fair and just resolution. You can clear all your concerns and doubts about the legal proceedings and other obligations to file a petition by consulting with our divorce attorneys. We assure high-quality legal services to each of our valued clients.

Filing for Divorce in Pennsylvania

The timeline and process of each divorce case in Pennsylvania depend upon a lot of factors. This may include how the couple has approached the court for the divorce, how they agree on the distribution of the marital property, how they go for child custody, and more. In general, the approaches to divorce in Pennsylvania include:

Mutual consent divorce

where both the spouses agree to the divorce and sign an affidavit for that

No-fault divorce

where one of the spouses wants to file for divorce after living separately for some time

Fault divorce

where one of the spouses wants to file for divorce based on the legal grounds mentioned by the state

Divorce after institutionalization

where one of the spouses wants to file for divorce because the other partner has been institutionalized for mental illness

Divorce after a personal injury

where one of the spouses wants to file for divorce because the other partner has been convicted of a personal injury crime

Each of the approaches to filing a divorce petition in Pennsylvania has a specific waiting period and timeline. For instance, the waiting period to file the petition is one year in the case of unilateral no-fault divorce. However, if either of the spouses wants to divorce before physically separating, then the couple will have to live apart and wait for 2 years to file the divorce petition. On the other hand, the waiting period is reduced to 90 days in the case of a mutual consent divorce, provided that both the partners file an affidavit saying that they want to dissolve their marriage.

The official divorce process starts when the waiting period is over. It generally includes filing a divorce complaint, collecting records and evidence as needed, negotiations and hearings in court, and resolution and judgment. Attorneys at Philadelphia Divorce Lawyer can help you to file all the required paperwork in the stipulated formats. We will also ensure that all the legal matters concerned with your divorce case are dealt with aptly, such as the division of marital property, child custody, alimony, child support, etc.

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