Legal Separation

Legal Separation​


Pennsylvania law allows couples to sign a legally binding separation agreement when they start living separately. Although legal separation is not considered the way divorces are recognized in the state, a separation agreement can be created when the couple is unsure of their future or if they will likely file a divorce petition after the waiting period.



A legal separation agreement is drafted to address all the aspects of marriage dissolution but without having to finalize the divorce. You can hire an experienced divorce attorney to learn how legal separation works and find out whether it is the right course of action for you. We at the Philadelphia Divorce Lawyer firm can assure you of high-end legal services, no matter what your needs are. Our divorce attorneys will suggest all the possible legal options for your personal situation so that you can proceed accordingly. Legal separation is a lot different from divorce, so it is advised to consult with our lawyers and clear all your doubts and concerns before making a decision.

Legal Separation Agreement

The Pennsylvania state does not allow you to be “legally separated”, so when you decide to live apart, you may have to face the same legal challenges as couples filing for a divorce do. This may include all the aspects of divorce such as property division, child custody, spousal support, and more. A legal separation agreement can help to tackle such issues. It is a legally binding contract, which means that both the partners will be legally required to follow the terms mentioned in the agreement. This is why the separation agreement is used to describe the rights and responsibilities of both parties.


Attorneys at the Philadelphia Divorce Lawyer firm can help you to understand your legal rights and draft the separation agreement in the stipulated format. Once the agreement is drafted, you can ask your spouse to sign it. He/she can either agree to all the terms expressed in the document or ask you to add some terms to suit his/her needs. The purpose of the separation agreement is to settle the matter politely so that you two can consent to the terms. In general, the separation agreement includes property distribution, alimony and child support, and child custody and visitation.


As the terms of the separation agreement are drafted as per your individual needs and goals, you can negotiate with your spouse to determine which marital property he/she should have and which ones should remain with you. Our lawyers will ensure that the terms of the property division are mentioned in the separation agreement clearly, so that no legal issues arise later in case a divorce petition is filed. Likewise, the separation agreement should also address the amount of spousal support and alimony that is to be paid to the dependant partner.


If you have kids, the separation agreement should also include the terms of child custody and child support. Note that Pennsylvania law mandates parents to support their child financially regardless of whether they are married or divorced. There are strict guidelines on calculating the amount of child support, so the terms in your separation agreement should uphold that standard to be deemed valid in court. Consult with our lawyers for detailed information on child custody and child support.


We can also help with separation agreements, and marriage separation. No need to worry about the legal separation cost we work with you to make the price affordable, we know how difficult times can be. The attorney team at Philadelphia Divorce Lawyer will be with you every step of the way. We are fully licensed lawyers ready to help you.