New Holland 3630

New Holland 3630

New Holland 3630 is equipped with a powerful 3-cylinder engine, which produces 50 HP power at 2100 rpm. The tractor model provides a high fuel efficiency, an economic mileage, a rich user experience and a great excellence at work. New Holland 3630 engine capacity provides an efficient mileage in the field.

New Holland 3630 tractor has the best features of its class, such as the double clutch type, the convenient operator’s place for greater efficiency, the constant lateral gear gearbox for comfortable driving and greater useful life of gears.

This tractor has the type of constant or partial mesh transmission Synchromesh. This tractor comes with a 2WD and 4WD driving mode that will give you additional amenities. New Holland 3630 has 8 + 2 forward or backward gears, respectively, giving an advance speed from 3.08 to 32.35 km / h in a range and a speed of recess of 2.8 to 14.98 km / h in a range.

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New Holland 3630 has many quality features that help in the toughest and hardest agricultural fields. These features make it comfortable, safe, productive, etc. Here are the best features of the New Holland tractor model.

New Holland 3630 Quick Summary:

  • 3-cylinder engine with 55 HP of power
  • 8 speed gearbox forward and 2 reverse
  • 2991 DC Displacement, 1500 Rated RPM Motor
  • 1500/2000 kg lifting capacity
  • Double type of clutch
  • Tire dimension: Front 7.50 x 16 Rear 16.9 x 28
  • Oil multi-disc brakes
  • Power steering to make it easy to move and comfortable to drive the tractor
  • 12 V 88 Ah electric battery.
  • Total weight of the tractor is 2080 kg.
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New Holland 3630 comes with a double clutch with independent TDF lever that supports short turns or areas. Tractor built with disc brakes bathed in oil that avoid sliding and protect the accident operator. The type of address of the New Holland 3630 is the assisted address provided by a controlled speed. It offers a great capacity of the fuel tank of 60 liters for long hours of work. It comes with a lateral shift lever that has a smooth operation, resulting in the convenience of the driver. The New Holland tractor has a spinning radius of 3190mm with brakes and a distance to the floor of 440mm.

New Holland 3630 TX Plus uses a water cooling system. The precision hydraulic system provides more productivity and quality. Disk brakes in oil bath provide low cost maintenance and greater security.

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New Holland 3630 performs well in the following applications:

  1. Gyrovator
  2. Cultivator
  3. Transport
  4. Spray
  5. Rotavator
  6. Crop harvest
  7. Plow and tillage


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  1. New Holland 3630 TX Plus
  2. New Holland 3630 TX Super
  3. New Holland 3630 TX Special Edition

New Holland 3630 Reviews

I am using new Holland TX turbo super.this tractor is a very excellent.super power, super speed and super engine.

This tractor was a local farmer’s trade. It was well maintained and only needed a tank of washing liquid. The dealer did the maintenance including the cabin filters. So far I have used it for about 50 hours. No problem to date. The five stars I have given the unit are based solely on 50 hours of use. I think in general, if there was a problem, it would have come up.

I bought this unit brand new, it had 8 hours of use when we pulled it off the trailer, and most of that was downtime so the diesel wouldn’t gel (not a New Holland issue at all, it was just cold). The only thing I feel is that these units are too light.

In 5 months I have put 300 hours on this tractor. I love the tractor. Had a problem where I was getting a code and reducing the power. This happened in the middle of summer, when it was used a lot in temperatures of more than 100 degrees. The dealer said he needed a fuel cooler. They sent a service truck to the field, installed the cooler, and I have had no more problems. Everything was covered under warranty and it cost me nothing. I had it widen as well as fill the rear tires with fluid. I have cut very steep embankments with no problem. I’d buy myself another tomorrow.

At this price, I think it is the best buy on the market. It is very reliable and the best cabin in the industry. No other comes close. Level up and get all the options. They are a very good value and are worth more to purchase than to retrofit.

Excellent utility tractor that subsists very well as an agricultural tractor. This is a no-frills tractor, but with the plowing capacity of some larger tractors. I have added ag tires and it turns this tractor into something to consider if you are needing a small amount of agricultural use.

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