New Holland 3630 engine shuts off with throttle

new holland 3630 engine shuts off with throttle Problems

My New Holland 3630 was doing fine last week. I had a couple of days of rain so I didn’t bother to fill up the tank, which stayed at 1/4 full (about 2 gallons). It lights up really well but stalls and shuts off after about 30 seconds or immediately if I apply any amount of throttle.

I have emptied the fuel filter bowl. It was a little light, but it felt and smelled like diesel. I filled the tank with 5 gallons of fresh low sulfur fuel with some injector cleaner mixed in.

It turned on again and in 30 seconds it stopped again. I opened the drain at the bottom of the fuel filter and the new red fuel came out.

The symptoms remain the same: any amount of acceleration stalls the engine.

There is nothing on the dash gauges showing any trouble codes or anything else on. With the exception of the regenerative DPF indicator. I guess it must have been on the last time you turned it off. this has never been a problem before as it simply restarts the regeneration process.

The check engine doesn’t blink until it completely stalls, then blinks until I turn off the key. When you turn the key back on it seems normal. There are no warning lights.

Open the drain again. See if the fuel keeps flowing into a container for a little bit or it comes down to a trickle and then stops. You may have a partial blockage in the tank that allows some fuel to flow but not enough.

T H White
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