New Holland 3630 starter won’t turn

new holland 3630 starter won t turn Problems

I have a new Holland 3630 and recently started having problems with some relays had a burned fuse the first time he realized that he then ran well for a few days, then it was to get to energy the fuel solenoid jumped with a hot cable To get home I was doing well came out a few days later and now the boot engine does not turn on.

Be sure to check all fuses and relays first. Test if there is power on both sides of each of your fuses with the ignition switch in the power position replacing any powered fuse only on one side. Change the relays of one by one by one to try them. Check the power input and output of your ignition switch in each position of the switch for a defective power switch. Check the battery voltage on the boot solenoid signal cable or on terminal S with the ignition switch in the boot position while all safety switches are activated. If there is energy there, but there is no response from the starter engine and the solenoid, it is tilted towards a defective boot set. If there is no power, thoroughly inspect the wiring and pins of the connector inside your power circuit for any type of corrosion or damage, as well as any short circuits are open circuits.

T H White
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