New Holland 3630 violent PTO engagement

new holland 3630 violent pto engagement Problems

New Holland 3630 problems:

1) Violent PTO actuation – sounds like it will start the belly mower belts and pulleys, even at idle speeds when the PTO is on.

2) A constant loud screeching sound coming from under the seat, as if it were the hydraulic pump system. The high-pitched scream is independent of engine speed, power take-off, or forward or backward movement. Is very annoying. Is the noise inherent in all production units or is there a problem with my unit?

3) Turning the steering all the way to the left or right against the stops lowers the engine speed and starts dragging as if the relief valves were overworking the pump.

Nothing you comment seems normal. Engagement of the PTO should not be a violent event. And the high pitched sound is a hydraulic restriction, which will cause heat in the hydraulic system and it is NOT normal. And the steering shouldn’t nearly kill the engine.

T H White
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