New Holland 3630 leaking fluid out the PTO shaft

new holland 3630 leaking fluid out the pto shaft Problems

I have a new Holland 3630 that loses fluid by the TDF axis. I have a new board, but I would like you to advise me how to replace it, as well as drain and replace the liquid on the back, transmission and filter. There is a key pin that comes out of a hole in the housing where the transmission is .. I’m not sure that’s supposed to be there.

The tractor is only 558 hours on it. I just want to do all the maintenance on it. I have 10 gallons of hydraulic fluid and the seal of strength currently. I need to get a filter for the hydraulic fluid, I need to get oil and oil filter. What else should I be reviewing by changing adjusting doing ECT I want to do this last tractor.

It could be a long list, but then maybe not. Liquids and filters for openers, but without knowing how your tractor (2WD, 4WD, transmission options, hydraulic options, etc.) is configured. Any other thing would be a supposition rather. It does not make sense to tell you how to adjust something you do not have.

As for the Board of the TDF, I think it can be replaced from the outside without removing a lot, but the shield, again based on its choice of PTO tractors. In some the seal is in a flange that can be easily unsuccessful, but not all. The last one I did was a 3930 and only drilled the seal housing in three places and then pulled it with a sliding hammer and an extractor drill bit. Puli the surface of the shaft a little and put the new seal with a short piece of exhaust pipe and some suitable size machine washers. The exact way of doing it depends on what you have to work.

It should be easy to replace the seal of the outlet. It should come out as seen.

Drain the liquid and give it. If it is not milky, it may be fine to reuse it. If you need or want to replace the fluid, do not sparken. You can use the same liquid for the rear train, the transmission and the assisted address.

The key pin hanging from the bottom is hanging from a hole that will allow you to know if your rear main seal, or its transmission seal is dripping. The pin is there to ensure that the hole stays open so that it can be filtered if there and let you know that there is a problem. Dirt and garbage can cover this hole. It is configured to vibrate or drag against the things that are executed on to keep the hole light.

T H White
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