New Holland 3630 will not start with key

new holland 3630 will not start with key Problems

New Holland 3630 Two problems occurred at a time 1) does not start with the key, but you can cross the solenoid to make it work 2) it is not coupled on or on reverse! All fuses are fine, we exchanged the relays, the same problem.

With the ignition switch in the boot or boot position, you must find the voltage or battery voltage in the small Terminal S cable on the start-up solenoid. This is the signal cable for the boot engine boot. If there are no full 12 V to point out the boot, check if there is power inside and out of your power switch and verify that all fuses and relays are well inside the ignition circuit. Verify that the parking brake switch works properly, as well as the neutral security switch, as it could block the boot system. Verify that your batteries are well with a suitable battery tester and that all its cables and connections are making good contact including all land.

T H White
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